Why Modi ?

Change is natural phenomena, and change with time in a panorama, but few people are the reason and they born for the change, Modi is one of them, by whom India get a great change, this we can see by our eyes. Few people born for change, for the society, for the country, for the world, what we are getting we can get it to know more of it.

And for the country like India we must have brave dedicated and devoted leader we require and we get it our beloved Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Bhai Modiji, after Ex. Prime Minister Sri. Lal Bahadur Shastriji, by his strict and great decisions make a revolution for everyone, from Ladies to youth to old ones and each and every one.

His niche ideas make India at par with other developed countries, and we come out from different type of unwanted strategy and tactics that was never changed after independence or you say that, they are stick with us like anything they make a hurdle for the development of the Nation. He deliberately change all the rules acts and strategies for the growth and development of the nation.

His new schemes Jan Dhan Yojna, Pension Schemes for Poor’s, make In India, Make In India Defence, Rural electrification, Clean Energy, Nuclear Deals, Indian Railways new reforms, Yemen Evacuation, Transparency, One Rank One Pension, Stronger Federalism.

By all this changes India Climbed 12th spot in ease of doing business in Global Rankings, India overtook USA to become No. 1 in the consumer confidence index in year 2015. India become the fastest growing economy in the World.

By Dr. Akhilesh

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