If there is true love, then no one will see the mistakes of your wife or children in whole life. No one ever sees anyone’s mistakes in love. Look at how people see the mistakes of others. “You are such.” No, you are the same. “The world has not seen love for all.

True love never increases or decreases. There is no condition or hope in true love.

Only love in worldly affairs can win children, family members, colleagues, everyone. All other methods will prove worthless.

If you grow the tree, then you have to nourish it with love. Only by giving water to him, he will not grow. If you love, will speak with love, then he will give you beautiful flowers. So think how much he can affect the human.

If someone wants to make a supreme love, such a love that nobody has ever seen, heard or experienced in this world, then for such unbelievable love, then should worship the beloved Gnani Purush.

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