We have brought for you a Business Motivational Story of Success which is not just an industrialist but everyone should read it. Through this Business Success Story, you will be able to know a success man ki story in hindi who achieved success by looking at the failures of others. So let’s read these business stories:
Suddenly one day two very old friends Ravi and Varun met. Both were very happy to see each other, after all what they had done with their education from childhood to college. Then both of them separated because of the job and the business. After several days, two friends left their entire work and thought of spending their days together with each other. After the last old things, the two started talking about each other’s economic situation. Things- It was revealed in the stories that Ravi has become a successful man in his life, so Varun was still unsuccessful. In such a case, Varun asked Ravi, ‘How did you succeed? After all, whatever work you do, you succeed in it. Tell me too because I want to be successful too. ‘
Hearing the friend’s talk, Ravi said, ‘I have learned from you only.’

Varun said ‘I learned from me, how?’

Ravi said, ‘Yes I have learned from you only the mantra to succeed’

Then Varun said, ‘I do not understand anything, you tell me clearly. What are you trying to say? ‘

So Ravi said, ‘How did you fail in your life?’

Varun said in his statement: “Earlier I had a lot of money, so I opened a company to succeed, in which I invested a lot of money. Then by opening more money I opened another company in the same year. Because I wanted to succeed quickly. But I could not give time to one of my two companies and gradually my two companies closed due to the deficit. Already I had put all my money in companies, then after that I have nothing left. Now I am living a life like a failed person. ‘

Listen to the friend’s words Ravi said, ‘There are two big reasons for your failure. One, you thought without thinking – opened two companies in the same year. Without thinking about other profits and losses, you put all the money into companies. Afterwards you have nothing left. ‘

Varun said, ‘Yes, this is it.’ Then Ravi said, ‘I only learn by seeing the unsuccessful people like you. By failing people who make mistakes, I do not repeat them in my life. But you have not yet learned anything from your own failure, so far it is unsuccessful. ‘

Varun understood all the things of the sun.

Essence of story

From this story we learn that we can learn many things from a successful person, but many times the mistakes of the failed people also give us the magic to succeed. Along with our mistakes, we can learn a lot from others’ mistakes. At the same time, the unsuccessful person should learn from mistakes and go ahead without blaming his own fortune. We have many examples like Henry Ford, Thomas Alva Edison, who did not give up after failing and learning from mistakes became a successful human being.

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