The Dynamics of Childhood – My Early Childhood

I was born with a unique life, but at early stage you can’t judge it very easily, other judge it, I am in a service class family where getting a job is more important than anything for the future and running a family. And heading a family is always very tough. Life is crucial is we have to live it any how.

My way of living is different in every situation of my life, whether it is worst, when child have an age of kidis nature, at the age of 6-7, I was working with dyes, machines, and spiritual systems, none of the product in my home I left to learn whether it get disturb and distract too. But life is life going on, time never waits for anything.

At every stage of my life my role was decided for the life, my parents put me in school at the age of only 2.7 years, they said I never cry, even I go with everyone anywhere. I never get fear from anything, I faced a very critical situation of my life also, at very early stage. But always hanging with my life, its different but very tough at early stage.

I get mature at a very early stage of my childhood, even at that time I have very senior friends, and they took me as a friend. And my learning is going to be very fast.

I’m coming with a series of my life story, every part I share with you all, hope you feel good and learn something with my life, with all your love, respect, support and motivation makes me whatever I am, and also I think it you love this a dynamics of my life.

Vol. – I
Author : A Scientist

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