A girl with full of endless dreams perhaps not be liked by the so called society .. but who cares ..!! if they like it or not …I give it a damn..!!!  so like all the stories..  once upon a time ,, There was a girl living in a town . A young girl , merely at an age of 8 … there was a fearful girl inside her .. she was not so happy and confident of herself .. don’t know what she was fear of .. but she definitely was  ..!!!! though always been loved and pampered by family and everyone. even at elementary school teachers used to love her because she was phenomenol in studies..

but  she loved to dream .. dared to dream always.. ,wanted to fly high, be strong, be confident, have own existence, become something,, had many dreams at such an small age.


she used to dream high . because she used to strongly believe the saying that “If you want something from the heart … then the whole process takes you into trying to match you with it.

 Isn’t her hopes , aspiration ,guts and dreams were enough to go forward and break the wall of her fears?????

Yes it was .


I never believed in conservatism because I was not meant for  it. I belive in God ,, Don’t know why but to a certain extent believed in miracles too .


One day when I was at Allahabad magh mela.. while roaming around the fair and enjoying it ,, I came through a stall featuring the robot which was telling future of people through headphones by taking few bucks . strange?? Yes I too found it strange.,, but it was so exciting to get to know something about my future .. so I gave money and then the mr. robot told me “hello .. your life’s gonna change entirely.. u gonna have a good and colouful life .. many good friends are on the way to enter your life and will always be blissful with friendship. I got happy because I’m a big friendship freak.and it eventually becomes true a few months later..!!


Then one day unknowingly I got a chance to go to the hostel.. I used to watch it in TV about the happening lives of hostel .. but never ever thought even that it would come to my part.. I was not sure which path to take but because I hadn’t too many. And I had many dreams cooking up in my heart, my eyes to prove myself and get to become something So I chose to go hostel…….. Then the new chapter of my life started.. though it was not that easy which I thought it would be … but I was started….. now I had to flow with it …….!!!

To be Continued…..

Author: ( Vandana Keshari )

CFO @ Techtag Group

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