Vimal was very upset. He could not understand how he would deal with this situation. He wanted his mother a lot, but his wife and children ran away from his mother very much because his mother had not had an eye, and his waist also touched on 90 degrees. By the way, she does her own work all the time, but still she always hurts for her wife and children.
Grandma, you go to the upper room, my friends are coming, Vimal’s son, Akhil, said to the big man.

But son, I am sitting here very far, Vimal’s mother said very lovingly.

No, you do not stay in front of them, they tease me, Akhil scolded loudly.

What happened, why are you screaming, Vimal’s wife Kamini made a sound from the kitchen itself.

Look no mother, these grandmothers are sitting in the drawing room right here and my friends are coming, all said in complaining tone.
Mother, you go upstairs, why are we ashamed of people, Kamini took the side of the son and said,

Poor Saraswati started going up to live quietly. Due to the waist belt, he was having difficulty in climbing up, but he sat in a single corner room with full force and sat down.

Vimal was listening to everyone from the adjoining room. He was suffering that his mother had to be humiliated but he was helpless. If he says something, then the wife and children begin to oppose him. Others think their arguments are right. Since he was an administrative officer, his social status was very high, his in-law was in a high house, so he kept quietly watching his mother humiliated every day like this.
At night, the wife of Vimal said, look, now do something. Yesterday the wife of the Collector’s wife had come. Mother met him in his native tune stream I was feeling ashamed of saying that this is my mother-in-law. I said that there are distant relatives, have come to treat.

Vimal came to cry but still he kept quiet. He did not understand what he would do.

Saraswati knew his son’s condition very well and the son had no problem, so he used to take everything quietly. Vimal started to be very sad. On the one hand, there was a commitment to live at family and social level, on the other hand, mother.
After all, this condition of his son was not seen from mother. One day he told his son, Vimal has been a very long day, I want to go to my village. Let me get there, I do not feel like here.

But there is no mother there, who will take care of you? Vimal asked surprise.

Hey, all the villagers are there and they live in your village and your maternal grandfather lives in the same village and then we will do all the arrangements.
Yes son, daughter-in-law is saying right, Saraswati breathed a long breath

Vimal knew that there was no one to take care of his mother in the village, but due to the insistence of his wife, he was forced to leave his mother to leave the village.

The mother was coming crying while leaving the village and her anger was also coming on, but family, wife and society suppressed these feelings and she began to feel comfortable.
After a few days, his uncle, who lived in America, was about to arrive. When Vimal was very young, his father was alive then he had come to India and after that he would be coming to India now.

The whole family and the neighborhood was very excited. Dr. Chacha was coming from America to Vimal. As soon as Dr. Ramesh stepped into the house, everyone met him very enthusiastically.

Why do not you see Vimal Sister-in-law, where are you? Dr. Ramesh eagerly asked.
He lives in the village, he does not feel like it, Kamini answered in flat accent.

When Ramesh looked towards Vimal, Vimal bowed his eyes.

Dr. Ramesh all understood. Say, tomorrow we will go to the village to meet Sister-in-law, all the people.

On the second day all the people reached the village house. See that Saraswati has very high fever and she is helpless on the bed. Dr. Ramesh Rasnar went to Saraswati. Their feet began to cry and they started crying. This condition of Saraswati was beyond his imagination.
Wah son Vimal, you have exposed the name. You may not even be ashamed of seeing this condition of your mother, Dr. Ramesh scolded Vimal about him.

There is no fault of Devraji, Vimal, I had come to the village myself, Saraswati defended his son.

All I know is sister-in-law, you shut up.

Why multi you do not like the ugliness of your mother-in-law. In society, you have to look down. Is not it? Dr. Ramesh saw a satire towards Kamini.
Kamini started looking at Vimal as she thought.

At the social level you are today, it is the struggle for these struggles and son Vimal, you probably do not know that when you were 1 year old in childhood, because of falling down from the roof, one of your eyes broke and your spine There was also a problem in the bone. Then this ugly mother gave her an eye and your bone gave me such a beautiful look.

Kamniya son, you struggled for so many years and you made this condition of this conflicting woman who made the son an administrative officer. God will never forgive you, Tears flow from Dr. Ramesh’s eyes was blowing.
Now sister in law, you will go to America with me. Here among these selfish people, Dr. Ramesh said to Saraswati.

Bimam was not a bite then blood. After Ramesh, who was his uncle, after which he told the rule, Vimal felt like there was no other person in this world than anyone else.

He ran and got divorced from the steps of mother Saraswati. Mother My crime is inexcusable. I deliberately kept quiet Continue to insult you. Now only you in that house

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