Life, it is like a continuous flow, where there is a lot of sorrow among the many happiness. After a lot of happiness, sadness comes the same, and this affair is going on again. This is a never ending cycle. Life conditions are based on past actions, so it is not possible to avoid any negative (negative) situation, but by saving this situation from emotional and spiritual support, this negativity can be changed to positivity. Do you want a true path to get out of this horrific fluctuating cycle? Positive attitude, that’s the key to this!

Only positive thinking can give us happiness in this world, whereas negative thinking does not just hurt, but completely destroys it. Our every thought sows the seeds of the upcoming situation, so why do not we keep positive thinking, just like to get sweet fruit? If we are positive in a difficult time, then it also makes the sad situation very pleasant. When our mind is positive, then we will experience Divinity because the positivity is the sign of purity and the purity of mind, that is the ultimate happiness. Lord Mahavira has said that the positive which can remain the same can lead to salvation, so it is very necessary to get out of Negativity.

In a tragic event, it is difficult to remain positive, so how can we face Negativity so that it does not destroy us? How to save yourself from drowning in negative circumstances?


By staying in the midst of worldly difficulties, how to achieve dominance over positivity? By the right understanding of the ultimate truth and by the knowledge of wisdom, you can reach the peak of a clean mind by remaining positive in your unrested life.

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