If people are the only daughter of three years, then it is in the mind that if it is large, then it will have to be married, it will be spent in it. Such concerns are forbidden. Because when his timing is found, then all the avidons will be assembled. So do not put your hand in it until the timing comes. You feed your daughter in your way-drink, teach, write, but do not worry about all the future, today’s day, the present! The past has passed. Why is it that you erase the past? Do not uproot! The past has passed, it does not even uproot any idiots. The future is in the hands of systematic, then we must stay in the present. If you drink tea now, then drink tea easily, because the future is in the systematic hands. What’s the matter with us? So stay in the present. When you eat food, that clock should be eaten with full attention in the food. Who are made of Pokode, it is all easy to know. ‘Staying in the present’, this means that if you write a bookkeeping then it should be kept in the same condition only. Because if the mind is going in the future, then today’s bookkeeping will get spoiled. Because the thoughts of the future are used, so that today’s bookkeeping worsens. Mistakes go wrong. But the one who lives in the present does not even have a single mistake, he is not worried.

There will not be a man in the world who is not worried. Sadhu-sadhvi all have to worry about something or not. A sadhu does not have an income pack, there is no sales tax, there is no freight, but sometimes there is no worry. Concerns with the disciple also worries. There is no concern without enlightenment.

In an hour, I take all your worries and guarantee that if there is any concern, then you have to make a lawyer and have a case against me in court. We have made thousands of people unhappy about this. Hey demand! It is like saying that, but ask for something right, ask for something that never goes from you. Do not ask these perishable things. Demand for eternal happiness

If we remain in our command and have a concern, then we are allowed to file the claim. Stay in our command. Here everything is met, it is like that. What is the condition from all these, do you know? If there is a concern, claim me two lakhs.

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