Doing something Productive or killing Time ??
A big problem to talk about.
Sometimes Or many a times, all of us think of doing something ,
setting some targets and goals . But Do we actually get it done before our target time ???
What comes your answer ?? A BIG NO ….!! ISN’T IT ??

Then why can’t we all manage to preach what we say. I think the major cause of it is shifting from our major goals towards the not so important things. Then the thing is how can we control our minds to not go to that part and stay concentrated and focused to our goals.
First of all , we human every mind and body have to be very sure about what do they want from their lives. What kind of thought and dreams they actually have nurtured in their minds and do they really wanna fulfill it with the hearts of hearts . or they just say it casually or at times when they gets motivated .Does the feeling of unfulfillment of your own created dreams haunts you ??? can’t say about yours but, yes mine do . It haunts me and I can’t let any of my dreams getting shattered or partially fulfilled .I know every human have many big dreams to which they live every
day and night and deals with many sleepless nights . but somehow unable to fetch that goal is a thought of concern . so we ourselves must work in finding the effecting solution . first you Decide Either you really want to do something productively and how desperately . you have to introspect yourself and asks for a clearer view about what do you want from yourself and how badly want that to come true and the time when you yourself gets the answers of these questions. Trust me the day is not far.


Author @Vandana K.


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