About Us

Tea with Techie, building something new needs a unique exercise of willpower. Your mind must be concentrated and tempting and not distract by the bells and whistle of the world. When two high vibrational frequencies are in union, they will uplift each other’s consciousness into a higher dimensions.

Tea with Techie is a Blog of Techtag Group. The owner of this Blog is Ms. Renu K. (CEO & Founder, Techtag Group). The idea is to provide to users, many exciting and latest information related to News, Entertainment, Food Recipes, Home Maintenance, Astrology , Video, Fun, Knowledge, Market, Finance, Technology and many more.

We have a great story where how can change the lives of a people, its a place where we live. Tea with Techie is a platform for you a remarkable need is to provide and figure out unique identity, where you share it to the World.

Everyone one have a story of life work and business, like that we have too, that depends how different you take it and how it is different. People fin it easier if you said anything by heart and put it in discipline of life, then only other will follow it. Tea with Techie provide you a Platform and to showcase your personal life story and Business.

No industry jargons provide you a platform like this what we bath have to decide for the customers and every customer have something here to share, learn and advertise.

We also feel you and your strategies to mature the system your personal life and business, whom you build like a first born baby. Your emotions are connected here and you feel the way you want to do.

Also you advertise you products and service World wide, for their business.

For any kind of Advertisement or Support. Feel free to contact us at +91-7080-123-576.