If worry starts to happen, then understanding that the work is going to get worse. If you do not have any worries then understand that the work will not get worse. Worry is the inhibitor of work. Worries can lead to business. The one who gets up and down, is the name of his business, his wealth is melting. The fullness of it will remain without melting. You have no ownership in this muddle. And whoever is in your possession, there is no recoil in it! That’s a pure behavior! Is this your wife and children all in your house?

How to stop worrying?

If you keep burning, such anxiety does not work. Who makes the body nuisance and disturbs the thing that has come to us. Such a coincidence arises from anxiety. It is necessary to think about the essence, but why worry? It is called egoism. It should not be egoism. ‘I am something and I am running’, it worries him and ‘I will become the only solution to this case’, there is worry about him. Therefore, to give an operation of the echolithic part, then whatever the thoughts of Sarasar, there is no harm in it. He does not burn the blood within again. Varna ignites the blood, burns the mind. Worrying, at that time the child came to say something, then it also gets furious on it, that is, in every way, he does noses. This ego is such a thing that money or not, but someone will say, ‘this Chandubhai spoiled all of my’, then there is immense concern and immense degree. And the world, we have not spoiled, but still say no!

See yourself by trying:

How to bind worry? : Like ‘we are dying’, everyone knows that. What do people do when they die? They push him. If something happens to us, then it shocks when we miss it. In the same way when anxiety begins to happen, then push the shove that brother is not there!

Should I worry about the future?

If people are the only daughter of three years, then it is in the mind that if it is large, then it will have to be married, it will be spent in it. Such concerns are forbidden. Because when his timing is found, then all the avidons will be assembled. So do not put your hand in it until the timing comes. You feed your daughter in your way-drink, teach, write, but do not worry about all the future, today’s day, the present! The past has passed. Why is it that you erase the past? Do not uproot! The past has passed, it does not even uproot any idiots. The future is in the hands of systematic, then we must stay in the present. If you drink tea now, then drink tea easily, because the future is in the systematic hands. What’s the matter with us? So stay in the present. When you eat food, that clock should be eaten with full attention in the food. Who are made of Pokode, it is all easy to know. ‘Staying in the present’, this means that if you write a bookkeeping then it should be kept in the same condition only. Because if the mind is going in the future, then today’s bookkeeping will get spoiled. Because the thoughts of the future are used, so that today’s bookkeeping worsens. Mistakes go wrong. But the one who lives in the present does not even have a single mistake, he is not worried.

Stay in the present why worry?

Some Saths of Ahmedabad were found They go to the mill at meal time. Sat with me to take food. Then Sethani came and sat down. I asked, ‘Sethaniji, why did you sit down and sit down?’ He said, ‘Sethji does not eat properly, anytime.’ I understand this. When I asked Sethji, he said, ‘My mind goes out there.’ I said, ‘Do not do this. At present the plate comes, do not worry about getting it first, i.e. received, uncovered. Use whatever is available now.

If you are worried then you have to go to the kitchen to take food? Then go to sleep in the bedroom? And at work in the office?

Questioner: They go too.

Solution : They are all the departments. So do not take the trouble of this same department in another department. Go into a division then there, do the same thing as a whole. But in the second division went to eat, before leaving the division, leaving the food there, then eating it from the test. Even after going to the bedroom, there are problems in the same place. The person who is not such a person will be killed. If you are sitting at a meal, then worry about what will be done in the office, if you say sorry? Hey, dantege will see! Do not eat now comfortably!

What God said was, ‘Enjoy the gain, do not worry about getting out.’ What is that, ‘Enjoy what you get!


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